Plan Your Freedom Years

These Are the Best Years of Your Life. Impact Your World for Good and Finish Well.


“I appreciate the idea of maintaining purpose and integrating this with practical suggestions on how to live. This is a holistic approach that has value regardless of what stage of life you are in. But most importantly when you are in your Golden Years”

“All my life I never thought I was going to get old… I guess I had a lot of fear about getting older.  You gave me a lot of hope and much to think of that will take away that fear….”

“I found this session to be very inspiring… The information is very well structured and easy to follow. You gave me some very practical homework…”

“I used to teach public speaking in my past career.  This was an excellent presentation. The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging.  I strongly recommend this session to older friends and those who think they will get older one day.”

“A very enjoyable presentation. Filled with purpose and joy.  Although the subject was very serious and the content was very rich,  you made me laugh a lot.”

“Today was a turning point for me. I have been wondering what future is there for me.  My husband is a pastor and is involved in a lot of ministries, but I could not see much for me.  Today I have been inspired to do more for God in this very special stage of my life.”

What Are the Freedom Years?

They may start as early as your mid-40s and last well into your late-90s. They can be divided into four stages, Limited Freedom, Extended Freedom, Helpful Freedom, and Ultimate Freedom.

For each of these stages, you need a plan that integrates your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, your financial well-being, and your spiritual well-being.

 Let this webinar be your starting point. 

What Do You Get from This Webinar?

Our objective is to help you live life to the fullest so you can finish well.  We will share thoughts, tips, and practical tools that help you:

  • Start a checklist to help you prepare for the inevitable
  • See a new purpose for living
  • Discover new strengths to impact your world
  • Engage in new roles that energize your life
  • Define a plan to finish well

In addition, you will receive two valuable tools:

  • Our book, WHO CARES? Life Plans for the Golden Years. A collection of thoughts and tips to guide you in developing your plan.
  • BECAUSE I CARE.  A draft plan with example data, that you can edit to create your plan for YOUR freedom years.

Do You Need This?

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Regretfully, the majority of us fail to plan for the most inevitable life changes. The vast majority of us are reluctant to talk about these changes with family and friends. This webinar will give you the tools, not only to plan for the freedom years but also to engage your family and friends in your desires and plans for these amazing years.

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