Strengths For Students

For years we offered the Living Your Strengths Workshop for adults in many parts of the world. This Biblically-based process is built on the world-renowned Gallup StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment.  The same principles that helped millions of adults around the world can help your students discover their God-given strengths and create a vision of the future God desires for them. Here we introduce you to:

Note: The book Strengths-Based Parenting is a great resource. For a lower cost, it includes two assessment codes,  one for Strengths Explorer and one for StrengthsFinder2.0

A Tool for Caring Parents

How can parents help their children build an identity that makes them feel special, unique, and strong?  The answer is simple. Help them discover their God-given strengths.

A Tool for Good Teachers

How can teachers help a student develop their God-given talents so they can fulfill their life callings?  The answer is simple. Help them discover their God-given strengths.


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Identifying and supporting a child’s talents are challenging, lifelong opportunities for parents. That’s because one of the best ways to help kids succeed – not just in school, but throughout their lives – is to help them develop their unique talents into strengths. StrengthsExplorer helps parents better understand their child’s talents. The StrengthsExplorer Top 3 Report and supporting resources prepare and reinforce parents as they encourage kids to apply their talents every day.

Download the Clifton StrengthsExplorer Parent Guide to learn more about how parents and children benefit from discovering what makes each child unique.


On this page, we collected:

  • Short affirming statements and illustrations help a child see how they may describe their strengths
  • Gallup webinars help a parent understand each strength of them and the roles they can play in affirming their child

Series Kick off

Series Wrap up


I tend to have more energy and more goals than other people.  I love a sense of accomplishment and getting things finished.


In my heart helping people is very important.  I am attracted to the needs of other people. By helping in small or big ways, I want to make the world better


I see many things in life as a game. I feel great joy when I win. I am always striving to do better in order to gain first place. I hate to lose.


I am not arrogant, but I believe in myself and what I can do. This helps me take on large and small challenges believing that I can succeed.


I am a promise keeper. I care about being seen as responsible and trustworthy.  People count on me to do what I say I will do.


I like to ask the questions “how?” and “why?” I am a thinker and learner. I get excited about exploring ideas and making new connections.


I love to dream and think about the future.  I am a person who thinks about what can be changed and what is possible, not what is impossible.


I love planning, organizing, and scheduling my world to make life better.  People count on me to get the details right and pull things and people together.


I was born to be at the front of the room telling stories. Sharing ideas comes naturally.  Other people listen to me and learn from what I say or do.


I love starting and keeping friendships.  I look for ways to widen the circle of friends for myself and others.  I value good, honest conversations.

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