Start Living Your Strengths With Friends.

Self-Esteem And Work-Life Balance Represent 77% Of The Reason Why People Seek The Help Of A Life Coach. *ICF

How Can We Help?

People Who Use Their Strengths Every Day Are 300% More Likely To Report Having An Excellent Quality Of Life. *Gallup

Join Others on The Journey Of Living Your Strengths

“After many years in the corporate world, I was starting my own life coaching and facilitation practice. This Strengths Learning Lab was quite timely. I found it very enlightening!  It provided great information, ideas, strategies, and tools. It is confidence building; I definitely recommend this workshop to others considering career or ministry changes.” 

“Being part of the Strengths Learning Lab was an absolute pleasure. It has taught me to be more deliberate in learning about my God-given strengths and applying them to serve his purpose for my life.  I have learned adjectives to describe my strengths not to mention becoming more comfortable with articulating them. I will certainly be taking this lab again. I still believe that there so much more to learn.”

“The Strengths Learning Lab is a life-changing experience.  The contents are perception-altering, practical, relevant and provide real-life applications. The facilitators create a community environment where you feel comfortable sharing your true selves with supporting friends. For me, the benefits of this course will no doubt continue to reveal themselves throughout the years to come.”

“It was an amazing experience! I joined this group as the youngest member eager to learn from those older and more experienced than me. While that did happen, it was even cooler to see that at any age, people still flounder and get confused about their mission and purpose in life.  This made me feel more relaxed and even a bit excited about not having everything together, and given me a fresh outlook on the goals I’ll continue to make with God and for God in the future.  I felt this was a very uplifting, open, and honest group and I would recommend it to anyone of any age.”

“Even at this stage in my life, I have learned so much from this Strengths Learning Lab. I wish I would have done this earlier in my career. The strength workshop will definitely help anyone “hone” in where their best strengths are. The awareness of your strength will save a lot of time going through “the tough years” of life.”

“I am so grateful for my Strengths Learning Lab experience. I absolutely loved sharing in this small group. I was very encouraged and inspired to see how God was working in everyone’s life and to see how our understanding and connections grew over time. Learning more about how God has gifted me and how to apply and steward what He has given me was amazing.”

” For me, this is the best personal and professional development course. The thoughts and practical tips I learned will impact my business, my family and most of all how I see myself and the roles I play. Now I have a road map that I hope to apply.”

“During the 12-week Strengths Learning Lab I enjoyed the weekly meetings with my Strength Finders. Our discussion has consolidated the concepts covered in the self-guided study and challenged me to put them into action. I have become more intentional in exercising my strengths and empowering my family and friends to develop their strengths as well.”

What Do You Get In The Strengths Learning Group?

Joining 6 – 10 like-minded friends you will:

  • Develop a scientifically-based formula to define and communicate your unique God-Given Strengths
  • Build your self-esteem based on who you are not what you do
  • Understand what strengths energize you and what drains you
  • Develop a process to help you focus your strengths to define and prioritize:
    1. Your life purpose and life callings
    2. Your vision, passions, and goals
    3. Your roles and responsibilities
    4. Your partners and supportive relationships

Learning Made Easy

The teachings of Jesus are simple and common sense, and yet they are often hard to apply. Why? Because they are countercultural. The same applies to living your strengths lessons. For this reason, these important lessons are best experienced in healthy and supportive relationships.

In developing the Strengths Learning Lab we selected the best-in-class small group Bible study concepts. We linked this with the highly effective  Flipped Classroom Model. Combined with trained facilitators, the Strengths Learning Lab is not only a strengths study tool but also a community and relationship-building experience.

How Does It Work?

12 weeks of group life is ideal for relationship development and application-oriented content. Here is your plan:

  • Initiation: in one on one meeting your coach will guide you in a set of initiation exercises helping you set realistic objectives and expectations.
  • Kick-Off  Group Meeting: This sets the stage for supportive collective agreements.
  • 10 Weekly Sessions: Using the Flipped Classroom Model the sessions will include:
    • 30 – 60 minutes of self-study
    • 60-minutes of engaging group meeting discussion and exercises.
  • Celebration: This is a time to review and discuss dreams, objectives, and goals.
  • One-on-One follow-up: This answers outstanding questions and discusses what comes next.


As part of the Strengths Ministry, there is no charge for this webinar; participants are encouraged to make a free-will donation to their church or designated ministry.

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