Progress Dashboard

The Progress Dashboard

A Transferable Coaching Process and Tool

What do coaches do?

In his book EFFECTIVE COACHING, Lessons from a Coaches Coach, Myles Downey says

“The primary function of the Coach is to understand. Not to solve, heal, make better, or be wise… The magic is that it is in that moment of understanding, that the Client understands for himself, becomes more aware, and is then in a position to make better decisions and choices than he would have done anyway. … This is how Coaching is profoundly simple and simply profound.”

With this in view, we recommend a client-directed coaching style. By this, the client controls the objectives as well as the pace and investment. The coach controls the process and tools designed to help you fulfill your objectives.

Any change requires having the right tools and processes. Most good coaching tools come in the form of thinking and communication documents. These form the foundation and focus of each coaching conversation.

Our process is simple. Once we agree that I am a good fit for your coaching needs we will have a series of coaching conversations over an agreed period. To be most effective we use a modified approach of the world-renowned GROW coaching model. See  The attached diagram illustrates the
I GROW process that directs our coaching conversation.

Supporting this model is our progress dashboard.  To see an example please go to  During our next meeting, I will explain how we will use this tool to direct our coaching visits.