The Strengths Workshop

Offered on-site or online this Strengths Workshop is offered to groups large and small and provides tailored resources to meet leadership objectives.

For years we have had the privilege of sharing this workshop in different parts of the world. Now, we give YOU the tools so you can impact many lives in your family, church, or community. You can do this low overhead workshop with a group as small as 3 – 4 people gathered in the comfort of your home or as many as your church can hold. All the tools you need are here for you.

Facilitator Tools

Click here to get the facilitator guide. Watch the attached facilitator video and then download the 2 facilitation tools you will need. All your teaching and discussion videos are provided on this page. Just do it. You will be glad you did.

LESSON 1: Discover Your Strengths

Objective: To help you understand the tools and start the process of discovering your Strengths

LESSON 2: Know Your Strengths

Objective: To help you know the theology and science of Strengths

LESSON 3: Tell Me About Yourself

Objective: To help you identify the myths that often hold you back from playing to your Strengths

LESSON 4: Strengths in Weakness

Objective: To help you compensate for your weakness and protect you from your shadow

LESSON 5: You Have a Calling

Objective: To give you a process to discover the roles you are called to play

LESSON 6: You Are Unique

Objective: To help you appreciate the uniqueness of your Strengths combinations

LESSON 7: People, Issues, and Callings

Objective: To help you prioritize your roles and impact people and issues that fulfill your callings

LESSON 8: Goals, Accountability, and Love

Objective: To help you consider your roles and create SMART goals to fulfill your callings

LESSON 9: Big Rocks in Your Jar of life

Objective: To help you start to prioritize your roles and relationships and examine where you spend your time

LESSON 10: Power in Low-Lying Fruits

Objective: To help you identify low-lying fruits where you are likely to start applying what you learned


Objective: To introduce additional tools to help you continue growing your Strengths