Letter To Change Your Future

How are you?  I mean, How are you really? How are you where it really counts?

JR is a very talented leader with extensive community involvement. By his own admission he is a goal driven type A personality. His career track record, big house, new cars, holidays, two kids and a dog, he can be the envy of many of his friends. Regretfully when I asked him to rate his physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well being, he gave himself very low scores.

As he approaches his 40+ years, JR is like many of us. In the goings of life we never stop to count where our life is going. As we seek to keep life and business going we do not stop to take inventory and plan where the key parts of our personal life are going.

For JR and others this exercise is based on thoughts and tips from two books by business man Tom Chappell, “Managing Upside-Down” and Professor Garry Collins, PH.D, “Christian Coaching”.


Take time to reflect on your life:

  • List your Talents, Strength and Abilities. What do you believe you are very good at? If possible recall examples or stories of where these were demonstrated.
  • List your top core values. What is most important to you, and why?
  • List your relationships in order of priority. Who are the people most important to you and why?
  • List key dreams and aspirations. What do you see in the future? What do you want toBEDO and or HAVE?

Project your self into a date that is five years in the future. Write a letter to a friend that you trust to tell him/her how every thing has gone according to your dreams and best wishes.

  1. In your letter give a five year summary of achievements, changes as well as growth and development. Be sure to include your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well being.
  2. Record any common temptations or mistakes that you were able to avoid.
  3. Highlight your hopes and dreams for the following five years.

Invite your friend for a coffee. Read your letter out loud to your friend and candidly ask:

  • What was your friend’s reaction to what you wrote?
  • How did you feel sharing what you wrote?
  • What are the common strong themes that you like the most?
  • How does this letter clarify your future direction and or focus?
  • What does this exercise say about your purpose for living?
  • What actions you need to take make sure the content comes true.