How Do We Protect Marriage Against COVID?

Instructing his young players the coach repeatedly called out, “Keep your eyes on the ball.” This wise and outstanding advice especially applies when it comes to the game of life. Keeping our eyes on what matters most is the only way to survive and/or thrive in the game of life. This advice is most critical in tough times and challenging experiences.

According to The Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2020, “More than one-quarter of adults said they know a couple who is likely to break up, separate or divorce when the coronavirus pandemic ends…” Such sad predictions call us to take pause and ask ourselves, “How is the health of our marriage?”

At the best of times, healthy relationships require intentional communication and hard work. The pandemic has turned some homes into pressure cookers of stress and conflicts. Families are cooped up, and spouses are trying to work while also taking care of kids. In addition, the fear of infections, job loss, and caring for at-risk family members have created unprecedented challenges for most of us.

What Can we do?

“Keep our eyes on the ball.” In good or bad times, to win in the game of life we need to keep our eyes on what matters most. In the family our marriages are what matters most. Marriage was designed by God to provide support and help at all times, but especially in hard times.

The Marriage Health Check

Years ago, we went through some tough times financially. During that period, I checked the health of our bank account frequently and carefully. Today we ask you, “How is your love bank account?”Please click here to get a free 3-page white paper, “The Marriage Health Check.”  This is a discussion tool to help couples examine the health of their love bank. This health check is selected and based on the The Marriage Course by Nicky and Sila Lee”. (ISBN 1-931808-481) It is designed to be answered privately and then discussed amiably by husband and wife.

IMPORTANT: Should this discussion uncover serious issues, PLEASE seek appropriate help.