You Are Richer Than You Think!!

It was said that we measure or take inventory of what we value. Successful organizations value their assets and take inventory at least once a year. How about you? Your most important enterprise is called your life. How often do you take inventory of your life assets? The truth is that if we measure what we value we also value what we measure.

The priorities of our lives are reflected mostly in the ways we spend our time. Taking inventory will take time. The more time you give to this exercise the more you will discover that you are richer than you think.


In this exercise we encourage you to think of three categories assets: Roles, People, and Issues.

  1. Roles Inventory: In the 1600s Shakespeare told us that all the world’s a stage XE “All the world’s a stage”, and all the men and women are merely players on it … During your past year you played many roles in your stage of life. Take time to:

o       List the roles that you felt were most fulfilling and rewarding. Click here for a list of roles tool.

o       Write a letter to yourself expressing why you felt these roles were most fulfilling and how they leveraged your character strengths.

  1. People Inventory:Relationships can be your most valuable assets or dangerous liabilities. In your life there are three types of people:

The important people help you define and focus your roles and are critical to achieving your goals.

The teachable people learn from you and you are energized by investing time helping them grow.

The draining people sap your energy and drain your creativity.

o       List the important, teachable and draining people that impacted your life in the past year.

  1. Issues Inventory: Left uncontrolled our life will be driven by a culture of urgency. This is often fueled by the misuse of technology and the need for speed. The famous author, Stephen Covey, suggests that most of us spend less than 25% of our time on what is important. A purpose driven life gives priority to important issues.

o       List the important issues, initiatives, and projects you invested your life in during the last year.

o       List the pitfalls or traps your encountered and their negative impact.

What Next? You and I are students in the school of life. Your life inventory is a good teaching tool. With the above lists in hand build your New Year goals. Goals that can:

o       Replicate your strong roles

o       Collaborate with your important and teachable people

o       Leverage the experience you gained and the lessons you learned in your important initiatives or projects

o       Stretch you to grow and add greater value to those you love and care for.

GOALS are projects that reflect our priorities and direct our priorities. We hope that this will lead you to a very happy and prosperous new year!