Peace !!

 PEACE, this is what we all long for. This is what we wish for those we love and care for.

But what is peace and how do we define it?

  • Is it a world where juctice rules in the absence of conflict?
  • Is it the ability to endure and to even prosper in complexity and chaos?
  • Is it a “head in the sand” and “all will work out” mentality?
  • Is it withdrawal or a refusal to live and face reality?
  • Is it personal security?
  • Is it only a theological abstract – true but not very practical?

The peace we wish for you our friends and clients are best described by the words of Anne Morrow Lindbergh in her classic book, “Gifts from the Sea”, where she wrote:

“I want first of all – in fact, as an end to these other desires- to be at peace with myself. I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core to my life that will enable me to carry out these obligations and activities as well as I can.  I want to live “in grace” as much of the time as possible.  …  By grace I mean an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be translated into outward harmony.”

This is the peace we should seek, every day the whole year through.